Nithya Geereddy | UX Designer
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I am a UX designer and researcher with a background in web development and marketing. I am a proud digital native and a global citizen. I enjoy challenging and encouraging myself to step outside of my comfort zone, and this led me to move across the globe and attend college in Santa Clara. I am a curious learner, dreamer and achiever. I hope to use my technical and design skills to bring better holistic user experiences that are accessible, awesome and enjoyable!

When I am not thinking about design, you can find me:

  • exploring SF and practicing photography

  • frantically waving at my pug on FaceTime

  • trying (and miserably failing) to convince my friends to skydive and jump out of the 12,000ft high plane. 

Say hi and email me at if you want to learn more about my journey or want to work with me in the future! (or come skydiving with me) 

Currently Listening: Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Currently Watching: The Office for the 40th time!


Meet My Pug!