Nithya Geereddy | UX Designer
UX Designer
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Grumble Web Application


Abstract: Deciding on a place to eat can be hard with large group of people, who have different tastes and food preferences. The process of reaching a decision for a big group can be disorganized and take a long time. The large amount of cuisine options in America also makes this process more challenging. Thus, our team has decided to create a web application called Grumble that helps a group of people make the final choice on the type of cuisine. Our web application guides the users by providing them a list of questions and then produces the best fit cuisine for the whole group.

Team: 2 people | Duration: 9 Months

My Role: Software Development for Grumble Page, Login/Registration and Grumble Log

Tools Used: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, AJAX/XML and for version control and hosting




What I Would’ve Done Differently

When I made this web application, there was no research or insights to influence the design decisions that I was making. There was no reason for why I was doing what I was doing — well other than to graduate from college of course. So if I could go back in time, I would think about the following:

  • User research to understand what popular cuisines to display for question 1

  • Card sorting to group similar cuisines into one category

  • Contextual inquiry to see how people usually make this decision, and cross check to see if the web application is having a similar flow

  • Market research to learn about new and upcoming cuisines and how to incorporate that into Grumble

  • Storyboards & scenarios to understand different situations where people might use Grumble, and see if the app is flexible enough to support all these different use cases

  • 100% change the Grumble UI and implement better form design